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eBay Stories Blog ebay has started a new blog, the eBay stories blog, and one of it’s new coolest ideas, In My Opinion, is the weekly search trends post.  Now, the blog is new so I hope they continue this tradition but I think this could be a great resource for eCommerce sellers, and eBay sellers in particular. Weekly Search Trends – check it out!


Sample -


Top Search Trends: Week ending Friday August 5, 2011

Topping our trending search terms this week were two baseball giveaways: the Roberto Alomar bobblehead, and the Frank Thomas statue. The commemorative bobblehead was given out at a Toronto Blue Jays game on July 31st, to the first 20,000 people arriving at the game. Before the game started, there was a ceremony celebrating Alomar’s accomplishments with the club and his No. 12 jersey was retired. On the same day, former Chicago White Sox slugger Frank Thomas’ accomplishments were celebrated with the unveiling of a life-size statue in the outfield concourse. The first 20,000 fans at that game received a smaller version of the statue as a giveaway. It seems the folks who couldn’t attend the game went directly to eBay to see if they could get their hands on one!

Quick Thanks to Cliff Ennico for the mention on Kabbage Blog!

Recently at the eBay Radio Party ‘Our Lawyer’ interviewed several folks for their top tips on eBay and even corned Kat -


“No matter what happens on eBay, keep a positive outlook; don’t let negative buyers get you down.“ – Kat Simpson, co-host of the “eCom Connections” Internet radio show (www.ecomconnections.com).


Read ALL of Cliff’s Article!

Rich & Nila Siok of Appealing Signs on Marketing with Seller’s Groups

Rich Nila Siok Appealing Signs We are VERY EXCITED to have scheduled Rich & Nila Siok, our successful entrepreneur friends from Appealing Signs, to talk with us today about Marketing Your Business and Seller’s Groups.

Rich and Nila started a great eBay Seller’s Group, The Chicagoland eBay Sellers in 2006.  Bev England, our favoriteJabber the Parrot grandma from Grandma Bev’s Stuff, is also working with them to run the group. And Aran, Grandma Bev’s Marketing director, has donated his Own Jabber The Parrot to be the traveling mascot of the group! You can visit him on his very own FACEBOOK page!


The Chicagoland eBay Sellers currently has 369 registered members on their meetup group website, which I think makes them the largest Single City Group in the World. More importantly, if you ask Rich, Nila or Bev, is that they consistantly have 40+ members at their meetings which shows a very involved and active membership.

We are happy to learn from them the secrets of developing such a large active group and the benefits to small business owners in belonging to such a group. There are so very many benefits, education and encouragement are probably the most important. However, another benefit is Marketing as the other members in the group learn to Know, Like and Trust you. We hope you’ll join us to get your questions about these networking groups answered!  Log in early to be sure to save your place in the Talkshoe Chat Room!


Birdhouse Books Wins Easter Basket by Kat’s Kloset and Luna Jardin

Birdhouse BooksCongratulations to Birdhouse Books for winning our Easter Contest for an Easter Basket full of yummy luscious women’s products from both Luna Jardin and Kat’s Kloset.











Check out the new video for Birdhouse books on Youtube! birdhouse books

eBay Radio Party Registration is LIVE!

eBay Radio Party

Just finished editing a GREAT interview with THE eBetsy from eBay Radio. Registration is OPEN, woo-hoo and is only $50 for you early birds!

AND they have blocked out the fabulous, newly renovated GO rooms at the Flamingo for only $85 so book Soon!

Where ELSE can you hear Janelle Elms, Marsha Collier, Lynn Dralle, Debbie Levitt, John Lawson, Cliff Ennico – in ONE place! This is a full 2-day event so come prepared to learn from this seller-to-seller event and enjoy the networking. Listen to hear all the fantastic details, including lunch with YOUR choice of a VIP and Live Announcer this year!



eBay Radio Party Registration OPEN

eBay Radio Party

Registration Open HERE for registration HERE for Hotel reservations!

Register Now for the eBay Radio Party & Conference!

eBay On Location Not Full! Fashion Show, Free Food and Fun

eBay On Location

We were fortunate enough to snag ANOTHER interview with the amazing Jeff Terrell, eBay’s Director of Seller Engagement, about the upcoming (only 8 days away!) eBay On Location Event in Las Vegas.

Jeff clued us in on all the latest buzz. The confirmed speaker list, details on the fantastic seller panel featuring Danni Ackerman of UdderlyGoodStuff, Bryan Goodman of Mr.Bigfoot, Amy Winetraub from ShopItLA and Keith Ainsworth from National Pool Supply.

Did you know there will be a fashion show put on by eBay sellers during the meet and greet!  If you’d like to be a part of that email Jeff!

So, free Food, great speakers and education – what are you waiting for? Register now and we’ll SEE YOU THERE!


eBay Updates Fashion categories for Buyers

Just found this in my messages so if you are a buyer in eBay’s Fashion categories – get ready for a few changes!


Hi katskloset,

At eBay Fashion, we’re focused on making eBay a style destination, where you’ll find great fashion at great prices. And to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, we’re making a few changes.

Starting April 4, you’ll notice that some of our Clothing, Shoes & Accessories categories will be removed, added, or moved to a new place. Shopping filters (such as Brand, Style, Size, Color, etc.) will also be updated. We’re making these improvements so you can more quickly find the items you’re searching for.

To enable the improvements, we’re also making adjustments to the following:

  • Saved Searches – As a result of the adjustments, some of your saved searches for Clothing, Shoes & Accessories may not work properly. They’ll either no longer run, or may return incorrect results, especially if you’ve set up filters (Brand, Style, Size, Color, etc.) with your saved search. So after April 4, you’ll want to update your saved search queries to ensure that they’ll continue to run.
  • Shopping Profiles – Starting March 30, all shopping profiles (which enable you to create and save a set of preferences) will be temporarily unavailable. During this time, we’ll be making key enhancements requested by our community of shoppers. We expect the improved profiles to be available again in mid-spring.
  • Fashion Landing Pages – Starting March 30, the updated fashion search pages we launched last year will be unavailable for approximately two weeks. During that time, you’ll be automatically redirected to our standard eBay search experience, where you’ll still find the same selection.

We thank you for your patience and apologize for any shopping inconveniences. If you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share, please email us at taxonomy@ebay.com.

The eBay Fashion Team

eBay Best Match Duplicates: A ColderICE Question

A Facebook Fan of ColderICE asks a very good question.

Sharon Guldner & the eBay Education Specialist Program and Day in Vegas

Sharon Guldner We are very grateful for eBay employee Sharon Guldner finding time to talk with us about the eBay Education Specialist Program and what is planned for Education Specialists in connection with the upcoming eBay On Location Vegas.

Sharon was full of information about the program itself, including the fact that there are approximately 600-700 ES in the USA currently and that eBay appreciates these ES folks as a marketing force for eBay. EBay does a marketing campaign twice a year to encourage venues to hold eBay classes and passes out those leads to the ES community registered on the eBay site.

The ES program also has it’s own mentoring program so that a new Education Specialist can learn from someone who has been with the program for awhile.

The line up for the Education Specialist day on April 12, 2011 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas sounds fantastic. First we’ll start with a Continental Breakfast at 8:30 AM and then there will be a 2 hour presentation by a guest trainer that does corporate training for eBay employees on how to give Powerful Presentations, Griff will give a talk on how to help New eBay sellers, particularly with the newly announced changes that affect them.

There will also be a presentation from a very busy and successful Education Specialist, Nancy Nelson, who will help the newer members brainstorm how to get classes started and fill up those classrooms. Last but certainly not least we will end with a wonderful presentation by Sharon herself.

We should end around 3 PM and reconvene that night for an eBay sponsored dinner at the Strip Steakhouse in Planet Hollywood.

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