Show Notes – April 2 – Miriam Otto and Chris Taylor

eCom Connections Show Notes

April 2, 2012


Successful Seller & SWOT


A.      Miriam Otto

Miriam Otto of Blue Frog Shoes. Miriam has been selling on eBay since 2005, she is an eBay trainer and coach and has a fantastic blog The eBay Life Blog. Miriam is also the co-host on a brand new podcast, ‘The Danni App Show’ on Sunday evenings at 5PM PST. You can connect with Miriam on Twitter or Pinterest

B.      Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor, our friend from PageMage. This time Chris will be giving us his amazing SWOT presentation. This is a wonderful way of moving your business forward by identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Bring your pencils and paper to take notes and make the perfect connection you need to move your business toward success! Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.


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HTTP://BLUEFROGSHOES.COM That’s the Mac one I use…but I’m sure you can find a PC one


Show Notes – March 26, 2012 – Pinterest

eCom Connections Show Notes

March 26, 2012




A.      Scott Henshaw

Since 2009 I have worked with my wife as a full time eBay seller. Our eBay store is: NanetteStore and the experience has led us both to some very amazing friendships and experiences and I have been able to retain much my sanity. Rather than trying to separate family (Life) from business, we choose to embrace it. Connect with Scott on his BLOG and Pinterest.

B.      Phaedra Stockstill

Recognized as a trusted eCommerce consultant and educator, entrepreneur Phaedra Stockstill has been a successful eCommerce merchant for over 10 years; she has established herself as a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional as well as an Inbound Marketing Educator.  Currently, Stockstill is the proud owner and CEO of South Louisiana eConsulting. Find Phaedra on Pinterest.

C.      Cami Nyquist is a privately owned company started by Cami Nyquist in 1999. Swedemom was one of the early risers from the eBay and has maintained a significant presence there for over 13 years.  In 2000 she secured a lease on an abandoned office building and surrounded herself with talented family, friends and business mentors to begin the growth of Swedemom. Connect with Cami on Pinterest.

D.      Lisa Suttora

Lisa Suttora is an ecommerce strategist who works with independent online merchants to increase their sales through strategic growth, product line  development and social marketing strategies. Since 2004 Lisa has been a frequent speaker at industry events such as eBay on Location , the Amazon Sellers conference and other ecommerce merchant conferences. Connect with Lisa on Pinterest.


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We did not get to copyright, so here is a great article on it “Pinterest and Copyright: Lessons in Life and Law”

There’s a new third party site to track your pins as far as analytic it hasn’t launched completely yet but I signed up for it.

If you all sign up with my url I can get in early

I did, and then got my own (I think)

Pin it button for Chrome and Iphone, and website

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Little information about my earlier endeavor in creative crafting during the 1980s *g*

Scott…I’ve done a 365 photo project for 3 years….a photo every day, uploaded to website Facebook

eCom Connections Show Notes March 5, 2012

eCom Connections Show Notes

Date: March 5, 2012

Show Number: 54

Guests: Cynthia Stine & Brandon Lee

Cynthia Stine:

Cynthia Stine is an owner of a struggling small business who got into online selling as a way to pay for the extra expenses that came up when she and her husband adopted a special needs teenager. Having limited time of 10 hours a week or less, she looked for a business that generated a good income for time invested. What she discovered is that she could make thousands of dollars a month leveraging’s Fulfillment by Amazon program.

She started with $200 and grossed over $40,000 in sales her first year. Her book Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week! is the one she wished she’d had when she was getting started, and it reflects the questions that came up when she was helping her friends and family start their successful online businesses

Brandon Lee:

Brandon Lee is seasoned entrepreneur who’s been on the leading edge of web-based applications since his first company (est. 1998). He has a passion for creative products designed for the user in mind. His goal is to build services that help others build their companies, offer value, and become proud of their accomplishments.

Brandon is also the founder and CEO at Social Stage, a company that provides Facebook solutions that empower organizations and brands to attract, engage and convert users into fans.

You can follow Brandon on the following social platforms:

On Twitter at @Brandon1ee and @SocialStage.

On LinkedIn and on Facebook (Social Stage page).

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