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eCom Connections supports local seller groups where you can network and learn in person from other eCommerce entrepreneurs. If you have a local group, please contact us and we’d be proud to add you to this advertising page!

eBay Seller’s of the Bay Area

eBay Sellers of the Bayy Area

This group is for eBay sellers of the San Francisco Bay Area to meet, learn, share ideas and help each other. Whether you’re a casual seller wanting to make a few extra dollars by clearing out your garage or a Top Rated Seller earning a living, we are for you.


Tuscon eBay Sellers Group

Tucson eBay Sellers As a long-time eBay seller and occasional organizer of local meetings, it’s about time to have a meetup group in Tucson! OSally Milour purpose will be to meet every once in a while to share our knowledge about selling on eBay and to discuss things important to us. If you’re a seller on eBay, this group should provide opportunities for interesting discussions! We meet for lunch in the first week or two of each month.

organized by Sally Milo who has been an eBay seller since early 1999, managing a friend’s eBay business (sold over $2 million for him!). I was a Trading Assistant and sold for others, incl. the estate of Joe Bonanno. I design eBay pages & train others to use Blackthorne.

Dallas Texas eBaybes and eMales

dallas texas ebaybes and emales group photo


The Dallas eBaybes & eMales have been together since January 4th 2002.  Membership is FREE and meetings are held on the 4th Monday of every month.  Meetings feature guest speakers, powerseller panel and round table discussion. We also offer a Free Back to Basics class before each meeting.
Stephanie Inge, Founder/Organizer



Northern Nevada eBay Sellers Group

Northern Nevada eBay Sellers Group is a group that focuses on the unique aspects of selling on Ebay whether it be fulltime or part time.  We meet once a month to discuss what is the hot topic of the time.

The group was started by Danni Ackerman of Udderly Good Stuff.


ChicagoLand eBay Sellers

From Rich, “My wife and I are proud to be organizers of the Chicagoland eBay sellers group. We meet every month. If you are   interested in learning to sell on eBay we offer 1 on 1 classes that will get you up and going in one day. Find our classes on our website.Beverly England

From Bev, “Always something new to learn! Proud Home Owner of Jabber the Parrot.”


Bobbi Miller

Meet other local Ecommerce and online sellers. Learn to sell successfully on the internet using platforms such as Ebay, Bonanzle, Ecrater, Amazon and your own website.
Come network with other Sellers in a fun, positive atmosphere!
Our Seacoast Group is for Ecommerce Sellers and those who want to learn to sell  online.
I’m looking forward to meeting you!
Bobbi Miller, Founder Seacoast Sellers Group

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  • Marianne Taitano

    I am a member of the EBay sellers of Silicon Valley in California

  • katskloset

    Hi Marianne – I sent an invite to Chris Taylor – is that the group you are in? LMK where else to send an invitation to advertise! Don’t wanna leave anyone out! Kat

  • Marlene

    You might want to add Michelle Rice Gauvreau’s CT eCommerce Meetup Group.

    • katskloset

      Thanks Marlene – we did send her a letter. just waiting to get a pic and bio from her!

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