Kat ‘N Karen Recommend

These are companies we each deal with in our businesses and feel they provide awesome customer service and great value. We recommend each of them without reservation.

OSI RockStarsFantastic SUCCESS community – best decision Kat ever made for her business!


eBay Success Tools



FBA Power


GREAT product to turn your Amazon FBA selling experience into a Professional, efficient machine!


Web-bookkeeper.com Cathi can help you with accounting and bookkeeping headaches. She specializes in Quickbooks and sells Quickbooks Data Files, complete Set-up packages and even the actual QuickBooks software.


Web Sellers Circle

The eCommerce information you need – When you need it




Kat finds using HootSuite to manage her social media saves time and helps her concentrate on what is working. Click here to check it out! HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard



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