August 31 – Breaking News With Addoway

Show 26 Fredrick Nijm of Addoway and Paula M

Selling on Addoway with Fredrick Nijm and Paula M.

Show #28 August 8, 2011 Corinna wins Prize Package

Show #28 on August 8, 2011 was all based on selling on eBay with an interview by Jeff Terrell, director of Seller Engagement.

During the show, one of our regular listeners won a fantastic little prize package that contained a Reusable Shopping Bag from the recent Bonanza Up event, a Bottle Koozy from eBay Classifieds and a tiny Bubble Bottle from, our very first podcast sponsor. Congratulations Corinna!


Annirocs House of TreasureCorinna L Stevenson

An eBay Certified Education Specialist             Corinna
annirocs house of treasures


Connect with Corinna on eBay, Addoway & Bonanza! tore link is:
Prize Package









Kansas Jubilee eBay to eCommerce

Kansas Jubilee eBay to eCommerce

What is the Kansas Jubilee and why should you attend?  The Kansas Jubilee is an up-and-coming eCommerce event that started in 2008 and is growing into a gathering of exceptional eCommerce talent covering multi-venues. From eBay to eCommerce is the 2011 theme and there will be experts there to teach about selling on Amazon, Bonanza, Addoway and your own website, as well as generous representation from eBay including the famous Uncle Griff himself!  Here are all the details and we would love to meet you there!

The Kansas Jubilee, eBay to eCommerce Conference is a seller to seller working conference held at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) Memorial Union in Hays, KS 67601.  It is supported by the FHSU COBL (College of Business and Leadership) and the Kansas Small Business Development Center.
The Kansas Jubilee,  eBay to eCommerce  Conference, Sept 30/Oct 1 is at Fort Hays State University Memorial Union Conference Center (FHSU).  This will be a two day event of seminars, workshops and round tables focused on Education, Networking and Community. We have a page set up with primary information on Facebook  Kansas Jubilee.     The registration website is Kansas Jubilee Registration  and registration went live on July 25.  Our target is micro sellers who are looking to start or expand a business and business builders.  To that end there will be two tracks of learning:  1. Beginner/Inexperienced sellers. 2. Business builders and entrepreneurs. We are offering Social Networking, Selling on multiple platforms and basic of selling  information.
We held a Jubilee in 2008 and it was a lot of fun and had good response. The Jubilee is supported by eBay.  Jim “Griff” Griffith was here and several eBay staff members to present workshops. Griff is already on the calendar for this one too and is bringing staff members with him again.
This is a regional conference and we have seller experts from eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Addoway as well as eCommerce and Social Networking, who come in from all over the USA to give workshops/Seminars and participate in round table discussions . Our goal is to provide the best possible information to registrants in a community setting of networking and interaction.
Danni Ackerman, Shawna Seigel, Kathy Simpson, Byran Goodman & Jason Smith (AKA ‘Thrifting With the Boys’), Cliff Ennico, Judy Oglesby, Uncle Joe Adamson, and Fredrick Nijm are a few people who will present workshops and be active in the roundtable discussions.
This is an important conference as it is rural in nature and part of the focus is show how eBay and eCommerce can assist in rural economic development.  Most of rural America is just now getting high speed internet so it opens up new markets for eCommerce and eCommerce seller.

Fort Hays State University (FHSU) is a public, co-educational regents university located in Hays, Kansas. It is the fourth-largest of the six state universities governed by the Kansas Board of Regents, with an enrollment of approximately 11,200 students (4,000 undergraduate, 1,200 graduate, and 6,000 online students in China).

Our sponsors will participate in roundtables to further the learning experience for the registrants.  In other words we want our sponsors to be able to explain the use and need their product fills (without it being an advertisement).  We are selective about who we are asking to sponsor the event.  We are grass roots and our goal is to assist our non-corporate speakers to make the trip–we are not paying any speaker honorarium fees.  Our venue capacity is capped at 200 paid registrations plus the sponsors and speakers so this will be an intimate setting with a lot of person-to-person and networking time. The workshops will take place in break-out rooms rather than one central location.
In addition we are asking our sponsors to assist in promoting the Kansas Jubilee through any avenues they might have to give it exposure.  Sponsors may provide materials for the gift bags, have information through hand-outs and participate in the Round Table discussions.  There will be exposure on our website and and other materials that will be distributed to our registrants.
Please take time to like us on Facebook Kansas Jubilee  and visit the Kansas Jubilee Website


Frederick Nijm of Addoway at BUP2011

Frederick Nijm Kat ‘N Karen were able to catch up to Kat ‘N Karen were able to catch up with Frederick Nijm of Addoway at the recent eCommerce event in Vegas, BUP2011. Fred shares his thoughts on the future of Addoway and the BUP2011 event!



Addoway Fees







Addoway Interview April 25, 2011

AddowayFrederick Nijm So sorry for posting this a day late.

We really wanted to thank Fred Nijm of for giving us the breaking news interview about his company’s TWO new partnerships.  We published the Press Release on the morning of the 25th and had a fantastic interview with Fred himself that afternoon. You can listen to the full interview here.

We were very excited to learn about a partnership that could really be a Game-Changer for the eCommerce Space.  ReplyBuy exists to allow mobile commerce by the large percentage of the population that does NOT have a smart phone. You simply sign up and will receive an email from their ‘Daily Deals’ programs when there is a great buy offered. To purchase the item, you don’t need to access the internet at all. Simply reply via text message ‘Buy’ and it’s yours! Pretty Cool, huh?  Check it out!

MORE exciting news from Addoway was released on the show – Addoway is now incorporating members KLOUT scores into their profiles!  We applaud this new way of reassuring buyers of the reliability of Addoway’s Sellers. As Fred put it, “If someone is online daily, interacting with Twitter and Facebook, then buyers can feel sure they are online taking care of customer service and orders.” As our friend Janelle Elms would say, ‘GENIUS!’

Fred went on to tell us some Very Exciting Figures regarding Addoway that have never been released before!  So remember, folks, you heard it here first LOL!

  • In less than a year, Addoway added OVER 1 MILLION items for sale!
  • In less than a year, Addoway added over 10,000 members!
  • Addoway now has OVER 150,000 site visits per month!
  • Addoway projects over $500,000 in sales over the next year and that is a very conservative estimate.


Addoway Announces New Partnership with ReplyBuy

Addoway’s Social Retail Marketplace Partners with ReplyBuy To Generate Instant Mobile Shopping Sales

Deal dramatically increases mobile sales opportunities for retailers by targeting mobile shoppers who don’t own smartphones

SAN FRANCISCO, April 22 —Social retail marketplace and ReplyBuy,  a mobile shopping network that uses SMS text messaging to complete buyer transactions, today announced a partnership that will expand Addoway distribution channels to include the entire spectrum of mobile purchasers, including those who do not own smartphones.


The Addoway-ReplyBuy relationship is based on the reality that the vast majority of prospective mobile purchasers do not own smartphones.


“We’re catering to the masses of today by offering an easy way to make mobile purchases without needing a smartphone.  This exponentially increases the channel sales opportunities for our retailers,” says Fredrick Nijm Addoway’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.


A March pilot of the joint service proved to be highly successful. “We were pleased to see a wider range of merchandise, including higher ticket items exceeding $160 being sold through our network,” says Josh Manley from ReplyBuy.


Sellers on Addoway choose popular items from their store catalog and make them available for instant purchasing through ReplyBuy. The seller merely has to speak with an Addoway representative and propose a particular item listed for sale at an exceptional price.  Addoway will work with ReplyBuy to handle the required scheduling, targeting and transaction processing to create a seamless experience for the merchant.


“I couldn’t believe how easy this was. I just told them what products to sell at what prices and they handled the rest. I received an email notification when an item had been purchased through ReplyBuy and then the money was in my account shortly thereafter. I shipped out the product to my new customer and I was done!” said pilot participant Debb Soucie of PwrPlay’s Collectibles.


About ReplyBuy


ReplyBuy is growing network that allows members to receive and purchase items that have recently gone on sale or just been marked down in real-time via text message. Led by online commerce veteran Joshua Manley, whose prior roles include president & Co-Founder of, ReplyBuy is backed by angel investment from Silicon Valley angel investors and early YouTube employees Christina Brodbeck, Dwipal Desai, and Cuong Do. The company is based in San Francisco, California and Scottsdale, Arizona. More information is available at


About Addoway

Addoway is an online marketplace where shoppers buy from their friends and the merchants they can trust. Addoway’s goal is to revolutionize the way people buy and sell online by connecting shoppers to more trustworthy merchants in a variety of ways to help improve trust and confidence. Addoway integrates with Facebook’s social graph and recommends merchants that your friends have purchased from in the past and merchants that your friends know personally; open transparency throughout the platform; and through illustrating a member’s reputation, influence and credibility in the social sphere. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. More information is available at




For ReplyBuy

Josh Manley, CEO



For Addoway

Fredrick Nijm, CEO


Happy Birthday Addoway – Win an iPad 2 !!!!

GREAT interview with Fred about Addoway’s Contest AND the new partnership being announced next TUESDAY!

Addoway Birthday Bash

Birdhouse Books Trish February’s Succesful Seller!

Birdhouse Books

Congratulations to Trish, of  Birdhouse Books, on being nominated by Susan Deppner on our Facebook page and chosen to be our February Successful Seller!

Trish has worked in several bookstores, both new and used and also was a preschool teacher for several years!  These two life experiences just fed into her lifelong love of vintage children’s books and other ephemera.

Trish has been supported herself through online sales since 2008. Her primary selling venue is eBay, although she has begun adding items to an Amazon store in the last few months and she also maintains a presence on both Addoway and Bonanza.

Trish is a respected authority in the field of vintage children’s books and cards. Her specialty is identifying the children’s illustrators that also worked on vintage cards.

Check out her blog for some adorable photos and lots of great info on ephemera and more. Birdhouse BooksYou can also follow Trish on Twitter!

Some of the other specialty areas for Trish are Georgia State memorabilia and books, as well as regional community Cookbooks.

Fredrick Nijm from Addoway

Fred Nijm This week’s show (February 14, 2011) features Fredrick Nijm, CEO and co-founder of to talk to us

about Social Selling in the the new ecommerce world

Fredrick is the Co-Founder & CEO of – an online marketplace where people buy and sell with their friendAddoways and the merchants they trust.

Fredrick has held management positions inside growing companies, including an integral role as a Market Manager for a Fortune 500 company managing a portfolio of over $60 million. He has over 15 years of sales and management experience.

You can connect with Fred on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

You can learn more about Fred on Google, VatorTV or CrunchBase. But the best way to find him is to set up your own account on ADDOWAY.COM and start shopping with your Facebook friends!

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