Show 25 Director of Happiness at Mark Dorsey

Selling on Bonanza with the Director of Happiness, Mark Dorsey

Show #25 Anita Fontana wins 2 Schwag Bags

On our July 18, 2011 show featuring Bonanza selling with Mark Dorsey, the Director of  Happiness and Successful Bonanza Seller Royal Presence, our regular listener Anita Fontana won a Schwag Bag from BOTH eBay On Location Vegas AND Bonanza Up Vegas. Congratulations Anita!


Anita Fontana




MyWebsite:        DaVinci Discoveries

MyeBay Store:






Show #28 August 8, 2011 Corinna wins Prize Package

Show #28 on August 8, 2011 was all based on selling on eBay with an interview by Jeff Terrell, director of Seller Engagement.

During the show, one of our regular listeners won a fantastic little prize package that contained a Reusable Shopping Bag from the recent Bonanza Up event, a Bottle Koozy from eBay Classifieds and a tiny Bubble Bottle from, our very first podcast sponsor. Congratulations Corinna!


Annirocs House of TreasureCorinna L Stevenson

An eBay Certified Education Specialist             Corinna
annirocs house of treasures


Connect with Corinna on eBay, Addoway & Bonanza! tore link is:
Prize Package









Kansas Jubilee eBay to eCommerce

Kansas Jubilee eBay to eCommerce

What is the Kansas Jubilee and why should you attend?  The Kansas Jubilee is an up-and-coming eCommerce event that started in 2008 and is growing into a gathering of exceptional eCommerce talent covering multi-venues. From eBay to eCommerce is the 2011 theme and there will be experts there to teach about selling on Amazon, Bonanza, Addoway and your own website, as well as generous representation from eBay including the famous Uncle Griff himself!  Here are all the details and we would love to meet you there!

The Kansas Jubilee, eBay to eCommerce Conference is a seller to seller working conference held at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) Memorial Union in Hays, KS 67601.  It is supported by the FHSU COBL (College of Business and Leadership) and the Kansas Small Business Development Center.
The Kansas Jubilee,  eBay to eCommerce  Conference, Sept 30/Oct 1 is at Fort Hays State University Memorial Union Conference Center (FHSU).  This will be a two day event of seminars, workshops and round tables focused on Education, Networking and Community. We have a page set up with primary information on Facebook  Kansas Jubilee.     The registration website is Kansas Jubilee Registration  and registration went live on July 25.  Our target is micro sellers who are looking to start or expand a business and business builders.  To that end there will be two tracks of learning:  1. Beginner/Inexperienced sellers. 2. Business builders and entrepreneurs. We are offering Social Networking, Selling on multiple platforms and basic of selling  information.
We held a Jubilee in 2008 and it was a lot of fun and had good response. The Jubilee is supported by eBay.  Jim “Griff” Griffith was here and several eBay staff members to present workshops. Griff is already on the calendar for this one too and is bringing staff members with him again.
This is a regional conference and we have seller experts from eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Addoway as well as eCommerce and Social Networking, who come in from all over the USA to give workshops/Seminars and participate in round table discussions . Our goal is to provide the best possible information to registrants in a community setting of networking and interaction.
Danni Ackerman, Shawna Seigel, Kathy Simpson, Byran Goodman & Jason Smith (AKA ‘Thrifting With the Boys’), Cliff Ennico, Judy Oglesby, Uncle Joe Adamson, and Fredrick Nijm are a few people who will present workshops and be active in the roundtable discussions.
This is an important conference as it is rural in nature and part of the focus is show how eBay and eCommerce can assist in rural economic development.  Most of rural America is just now getting high speed internet so it opens up new markets for eCommerce and eCommerce seller.

Fort Hays State University (FHSU) is a public, co-educational regents university located in Hays, Kansas. It is the fourth-largest of the six state universities governed by the Kansas Board of Regents, with an enrollment of approximately 11,200 students (4,000 undergraduate, 1,200 graduate, and 6,000 online students in China).

Our sponsors will participate in roundtables to further the learning experience for the registrants.  In other words we want our sponsors to be able to explain the use and need their product fills (without it being an advertisement).  We are selective about who we are asking to sponsor the event.  We are grass roots and our goal is to assist our non-corporate speakers to make the trip–we are not paying any speaker honorarium fees.  Our venue capacity is capped at 200 paid registrations plus the sponsors and speakers so this will be an intimate setting with a lot of person-to-person and networking time. The workshops will take place in break-out rooms rather than one central location.
In addition we are asking our sponsors to assist in promoting the Kansas Jubilee through any avenues they might have to give it exposure.  Sponsors may provide materials for the gift bags, have information through hand-outs and participate in the Round Table discussions.  There will be exposure on our website and and other materials that will be distributed to our registrants.
Please take time to like us on Facebook Kansas Jubilee  and visit the Kansas Jubilee Website


AntiquesRGreat AKA Gladys Ramos Wins Mystery Book!

Antiques R Great Congrats to Gladys Ramos on winning the mystery book, ‘They’re Watching’ on our April 11th show. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did (Kat)!

And thanks so much for your sweet words about our show Gladys – you are very appreciated!  Please visit Gladys amazing store on Bonanza!


From Gladys: “Also wanted to personally thank you and Karen for always having such a great and full of information show! I look forward to it every week but you probably guessed that already cause I’m always the first one to arrive & the last one to leave. LOL! But it really is that good!”

Judy Ogelsby on Upcoming Changes to Google Product Feed

Judy Ogelsby Today we had the good fortune to interview our favorite Google Guru, AKA Judy Ogelsby AKA Blue Penny Lady about the changes just announced on the Google Merchant Blog for the Google Product Feeds.

These changes don’t take affect until May 3, 2011, so we got some advance advice on how to get our Product Feeds from our websites ready and for we venue sellers how to get our listings ready.

Lesson number one was about the categories that are EXCLUDED from this requirement! ALL Custom Made, Handmade OOAK items do NOT need to have a Unique Product Identifier (UPI). Books published before 1969 do not require an ISBN. AND the entire Clothing and Accessories category is excluded. Interestingly enough, in Google’s view, JEWELRY is included in this, as well as Sunglasses, Cufflinks and similar items. So if you sell only in these categories RELAX!!!

Now, for the other Categories, here are the requirements. Number one and the biggest topic of conversation, was the requirement that items have not one but TWO UPIs (Unique Product Identifiers). There are five possibilities listed by Google UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN (European Article Number), JAN (Japanese Article Number), BRAND (as in: Brand Name), MPN (Manufacturer’s Part Number). Of these five, every article you list needs to have at least TWO of the FIVE. Sounds wild until you remember, as Judy pointed out, that just about everything already has a BRAND – you just need to find ONE of the other FOUR for your items.  For instance, BRAND + Part Number or BRAND + UPC, etc.

The other big requirement is that you MUST list Shipping and Tax now. For those of us that sell on a venue, we simply need to make sure that we have shipping, either calculated or flat (or FREE!) listed on our items and that our Tax set up is correct in our account on the venue. The only folks that have work to do here are those without specified shipping – such as saying, ‘email me for shipping’ or ‘see description for shipping details’. These listings will have to be updated to be included into the feed.

Please take a listen at your convenience, forward to your friends for their information and feel free to post questions here. We will do our best to get you the answers.




Judy Oglesby on Google & Duplicate Content

Judy Oglesby We had a very popular interview with Judy Oglesby AKA Blue Penny Lady on Google Shopping and how to ‘Get Found Online’ using this shopping directory.

After we covered the basics of getting our products onto Google Shopping and what that is, we then delved into the murky waters of the ‘Google Duplicate Content’ rule. Judy has tons of experience with Google feeds, and works in the Google support boards. So she was able to answer many questions about this issue. Please give a listen if you too have questions on this rule!

You can connect with Judy on the Bonanza Boardroom, her eBay store, her Blog, her Bonanza store or on Twitter.







Blue Penny Lady

Birdhouse Books Trish February’s Succesful Seller!

Birdhouse Books

Congratulations to Trish, of  Birdhouse Books, on being nominated by Susan Deppner on our Facebook page and chosen to be our February Successful Seller!

Trish has worked in several bookstores, both new and used and also was a preschool teacher for several years!  These two life experiences just fed into her lifelong love of vintage children’s books and other ephemera.

Trish has been supported herself through online sales since 2008. Her primary selling venue is eBay, although she has begun adding items to an Amazon store in the last few months and she also maintains a presence on both Addoway and Bonanza.

Trish is a respected authority in the field of vintage children’s books and cards. Her specialty is identifying the children’s illustrators that also worked on vintage cards.

Check out her blog for some adorable photos and lots of great info on ephemera and more. Birdhouse BooksYou can also follow Trish on Twitter!

Some of the other specialty areas for Trish are Georgia State memorabilia and books, as well as regional community Cookbooks.

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