eCom Connections Radio – Monday April 30, 2012 – eBay Radio Party Show

Join us tomorrow at 12:30 PM EST to talk about the upcoming eBay Radio Party &  Conference!

We are fortunate enough to have Jason T. Smith & Bryan Goodman from Thrifting With the Boys, eBetsy Monjott, Mike Michalowicz, Cindy Shebley, Janelle Elms, Debbie Levitt, Marsha Collier & John ColderIce Lawson!

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Bring your questions and bring it on – you know we love a challenge!

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eCommerce Predictions for 2012 from the ECC Experts – John ‘ColderICE Lawson’

2012 will continue to be another explosive year in our industry. We will see the tentacles of social move from this thought of social media and see it transition into “Social Business”. Social and ecommerce will meld tighter and tighter as more revenue and traffic gets funneled via social. Content is not King, context rules so making sure you are in the right context will make the difference.

Mobile and tablet computing will drive innovation for speed and ease of use for shoppers. As we are now seeing that rate of adoption increase, so will consumer demands on speed and accuracy. It remains to be seen if double digit growth enjoyed over the 2011 holiday season will transition into 2012 for online retail, my prediction is a strong YES as long as inflation and job rates do not get out of control.

Lastly, my prediction is that businesses will begin to be driven by niche industries ruled by empowered consumers. If you have not taken social seriously in the past you need to in 2012 or I am afraid the bus will leave the station. This is the year when winners and loses will be determined by influence and communication. Prepare, for the future is today!

John L.

CEO – ColderICE Media Group

You can find John At

Ask the Experts re:Buy My Stuff on Facebook!

This week one of our listeners posted an irritation with the “buy my crap” overload on their Facebook wall.  A group of us then posted that as our status report to test the responses of our Facebook friends. The response was overwhelming agreement with the sentiment. There were both #LIKEs and comments.
Some of the comments made us realize that a large number of sellers really don’t understand marketing vs hard selling.

Seller keep hearing that they need to market on Facebook but they do no know how to do it without annoying their friends.
What we would like from you is your top tip for appropriate Facebook marketing?

First Response Award to Debbie Levitt from

 Here is my main Facebook tip: separate business and personal.

My Facebook account is very personal. I keep my friends list low, and only those I trust. I talk about personal matters. I don’t have an account I use with 4000 friends, and just accept everybody. It’s my personal space. eBay sellers who try to add me are turned down. It’s my very personal world.

And then I have a business page. You can read that. You can post there. Sellers can do the same. If I care about your biz, I’ll follow your biz page. Don’t push it on me over and over. Promote it a few times, and then let it go! Don’t keep inviting me! If I didn’t go with it the first time you invited me… :)

Then remember that the operative word in social media is SOCIAL. That means relationships. It means listening and interacting. Don’t just broadcast to me. The list of what you’re selling or the feed of new items is not social. It’s not listening and it’s not interacting. It is very likely to drive people away. If you have friends clicking “like” on your items, it’s probably more of an “I support your business” like than “I love every item you post to your wall.” :)

Debbie Levitt, Founder & CEO

Start, market, and improve your eBay and online sales. Phone: +1 520 204 1935

Next Response from John Lawson of ColderICE

The ColderICE Facebook Rule of Marketing is …. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you x (times) the number of friends you have in Facebook” … With that equation you will NEVER go wrong. Simple :-)



aka “ColderICE”

CEO ColderICE Media

All About Me

To work with John (678-400-0580)

Next Response from Mark Le Vine of

When I see one item after the other for sale on Facebook or Twitter I get very annoyed. My tendency is to hide that person on Facebook or unfollow on Twitter.

I realize that posting items on social media is free, but I think it is very unproductive and can work against the seller.

I just received my copy of Facebook Advertising for Dummies

This is co-authored by fellow eBay seller Joel Elad. I am just beginning to read it. My take is that Facebook advertising will be less expensive and more effective than Google Adwords. In fact, once I set up my Facebook campaigns, I will probably end my Adwords campaigns.

Facebook advertising does not have to be all that expensive. You can submit daily, weekly, monthly or yearly budgets. This way you are in total control of your spending. Best yet, you should be able to send your ads to very specific, targeted customers.

Here is a free, quickie cheat sheet

I look forward to finishing Joel’s book and moving forward with our Facebook ads. I’ll keep you posted as to its success.

Mark Le Vine


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Next Reply from Marlene Gavens of We Do Social Media For You

Great topic!

First it helps to understand the relationship between sales and marketing. Among other things, marketing consists of getting the message out about your product, creating awareness of it and developing trust in it. Sales are a part of the marketing process.

Social media offers a marketing channel for your business. While it’s possible to sell directly from a social media site, most of its value comes from the ‘social’ opportunities it presents.

The best analogy for understanding how social media works is to think of it as a networking event or cocktail party. If you go to either of these type events and walk around the room handing out your business cards and saying ‘look at what I’m selling, buy from me’ you’ll alienate almost everyone there.

Instead, you’d find success by striking up conversations with people, expressing an interest in them, asking questions and having a conversation. Usually during the course of conversation, what you do for business and what you sell will come up. It’s at that time that your conversation partner will be most receptive to receiving your business card and learning about your product.

The same is true for social media. If your message is nothing more than ‘I sell this, Buy this’, then you’re likely alienating potential buyers. Developing relationships, expressing interest in what others are doing, providing value and having conversations can lead to a sale.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook make it easy to find people who will be interested in what you sell or people who know people who might be interested. Those individuals are more likely to purchase your product if your brand is familiar to them & if they have a relationship with you. As you’ve probably heard many times: people are most likely to respond to your marketing message if they know, like and trust you.

So while it’s important for sellers to market on Facebook, it’s even more important to understand how to properly use the site ….

 Facebook Marketing Tip:

Think of Facebook as a networking event held in cyberspace instead of a channel for direct sales.

Marlene Gavens

Social Media Strategist

Inbound Marketing Certified Provider

We Do Social Media Marketing For You

Next Response from Paul O’Brien of SEO Brien

I’m on Facebook for interesting news from friends, not everything going on and offers. That doesn’t mean you can’t market nor hard sell; it means you have to be conscious of what you are offering. A sale, is not news nor interesting! Perhaps you got your hands on a very exclusive product…. that’s interesting. Give your sale a twist with 30% off only available to those that answer a great question on your announcement. Sure, you keep hearing that you should market on Facebook but that sentiment refers more to being accessible and available where and how customers want to purchase, not turning news feeds into the next email spam.




Next Response from Cindy Shebley of Web Seller’s Circle

Tip: Decide what your goal is for joining Facebook. Is it to market to potential customers or is it to socialize with friends and family?

Facebook is designed to keep up with your colleagues, friends and family using your main profile page. But keep your friends and business promotions separate. Do not go out and make ‘friends’ using your personal profile and then turn on a automated listing feed. This not only annoys your friends, it is generally untargeted and unproductive advertising (a waste of time and money on your part). For example; if you have mutual friends who all like to talk about eBay – they have their own stuff to sell – and they probably are not interested in being blasted with your stuff (unless they can buy it really cheap and resell it at a profit). If you want to learn from your contemporaries then share tips, login in frequently and talk with them.

If your main goal on Facebook is to market to customers choose to use the Fan Page option to find subscribers (people who like) the page. Do this by offering promotions (like a discount on purchase, free item, etc). Another quick way to build a targeted subscriber base is by purchasing FB pay per click ad words. Once the customer has ‘liked’ the page they know that they are subscribing to that companies wall posts and are opting in to be ‘marketed to.’ Sprinkle news about your product(s) in with other ways to engage your subscriber base. Askquestions, have contests – talk about what makes your product/company stand out. Then when you have promotions, new product roll outs, or exciting news about your products announce them on your Fan Page. Your subscribers will be much more receptive to an occasional product promotion if it is sugared with engagement on your part.

Cindy Shebley

Web Seller’s Circle


John Lawson Releases First Ever Info Product – New Media Marketing!

New Media John LawsonKat ‘N Karen were able to catch up with Mr. ColderICE himself, John Lawson, at the recent eCommerce event, BUP2011 and talk to him about the event, where he was sponsored by and his very first information product now available at Check it out!


Here’s the video made at BUP2011 where John tells us all about these cool DVDs. He also gave eCom Connections a copy so be watching for a detailed review soon!


PREVIEW of new Scott Wingo Interview by John Lawson AKA ColderICE

Fantastic interview by John ColderICE Lawson interview’s of Scott Wingo on the future of eCommerce!

John Lawson AKA ColderICE on Growing Your Business using Fulfillment Centers

John Lawson 3rd Power OutletCan’t wait to interview Mr. Lawson again on Monday’s show!  This time he is going to talk to us about Growing Our Businesses by using Fulfillment Centers. This interview will be specifically about fulfillment centers OTHER than Amazon.

John “ColderICE” Lawson


John Lawson is the CEO of 3rd Power Outlet and the founder of the award-winning ecommerce industry blog at John is an Platinum eBay Power Seller, Top-Rated Amazon Seller, Social Media Personality and Ecommerce Analyst. John specializes in ecommerce, social rich-media and mobile commerce.
You can find John on Linked In, Facebook, eBay or his Blog .

eBay Best Match Duplicates: A ColderICE Question

A Facebook Fan of ColderICE asks a very good question.

eBiz Atlanta Meetup Reminder – tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 4:30 PM
Newell Rubbermaid – 3 Glenlake Parkway Atlanta GA
Who is going:
9 eMerchants
Using Social Media to Enhance Customer Relationships & Drive Sales – Interactive Panel Event

Date: Tuesday, February 22
Time: 4:30-7 pm (detailed agenda below)
Location: Newell Rubbermaid Headquarters
3 Glenlake Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328
Whether you work in consumer packaged goods, B2B technology or healthcare, social marketing is critical for businesses trying to deepen relationships with their target audiences. Consumers are increasingly turning to social networks and forums to find information and recommendations to support purchase decisions. To gain competitive advantage, marketers must tap into these networks to learn how they can better meet the needs of current and potential customers.
In this free event, join Larry Weber, Chairman of Racepoint Group and author of Sticks & Stones, and leading Atlanta-based digital marketing experts for an interactive discussion about how companies can effectively integrate social media into their 2011 marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty and drive sales.

Bert DuMars, Vice President of E-Business & Interactive Marketing, Newell Rubbermaid
Natalie Johnson, Digital Communications Manager, Coca-Cola
John Lawson, Managing Editor, & CEO, 3rd Power, Inc.

To register for the event, please RSVP HERE!
Event Agenda

4:30 – 5:15 pm: Registration and Networking
Hors d’ouevres and beverages will be served

5:15 – 6:30 pm: Welcome, Interactive Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A
With Larry Weber, Natalie Johnson, Bert DuMars & John Lawson
6:30 – 7:00 pm: Book Signing and Networking
Receive a complimentary copy of Larry Weber’s Sticks & Stones

John Lawson of

Joining us on Monday 2/14 in what is sure to be a interview jam packed with must know ecommerce information is The John ColderICE Lawson.
John has build his ecommerce business from a small bootstrap company 3rd Power outlet to a multi-venue success story. He is featured in an Amex Commercial. John is a very much requested and highly respected speaker on 2 continents. John hosts a very popular and well attended videocast Late Night Beta with ColderICE It is always on my must watch list.
John employed his social media strategies to build the very widely read and respected blog and now is sharing some of his secrets in a newly published white paper “Social Media Marketing and The 5 Fingers of Death”
He has graciously agreed to be part of our show and share some of the secrets to the 5 fingers of death.
You can find John on twitter as @colderice, and facebook

2011 Atlanta Winter Storm with John Lawson

Colder Ice We were blessed that THE John Lawson AKA ColderIce had a few minutes to talk with us about the 2011 Atlanta Winter Storm and how it has and is affecting our eCommerce businesses. John also had some good advice for handling customers on this issue!

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