Beth Cherkowsky – Turbo Lister Help & Advice

Turbo ListerOn November 7 we were honored to have Long Time eBay seller and Turbo Lister expert Beth Cherkowsky of Depression Glass Warehouse on Talkshoe with us and she taught us many tips and tricks for using eBay’s Turbolister. During the show we had some great discussions and questions about TurboLister and Beth was generous enough with her time to send over some screenshots and more help for us!  My apologies for taking so long to get this great info posted but I hope y’all will pass it around and share with those Turbo Lister users who could use more information about the product.

Turbo Lister Errro

TLerror2.jpg (this is the error that made Turbolister help call me and take control and fix everything. 
TLpage1.jpg, tlpage1A.jpg, TLpage2.jpg and TLpage3.jpg are screen shots of various stages of the listing process on TL
TLHelp2 is the “email” help request.. I find this one works best cause they can sort of replicate what I messed up from the log it attaches automatically.
Sorry I repeatedly forgot to send these…what out for the tlerror2.jpg it’s HUGE!



Nov 7 Turbo Lister user Invterview

TurboLister User Interview

Beth Cherkowsky of Depression Glass Warehouse

Sept 12 – eBay On Location Orlando Re-cap

Appealing Signs Winner #1 Christopher Lesley

Our generousAppealing Signs friends, Rich & Nila Siok of Appealing Signs, have donated 6 wonderful handmade custom signs for prizes during our next few weeks and we’ll be celebrating the opening of their brand new eCommerce website by giving these away!  Our first winner, by .02 TENTHS of a second, was Beth Cherkowsky, of Depression Glass Warehouse who very graciously donated the prize to our runner-up who was so close behind her!  Winner Christopher Lesley, of Golden Pineapple was thrilled to receive his prize!

Congrats, Christopher


Beth Cherkowsky wins Marsha Collier’s The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide

The Ultimate Online Customer Service GuideDepression Glass Warehouse Listener Beth Cherkowsky of Depression Glass Warehouse was the 2nd winner

of our giveaway of Marsha Collier’s new book,

The Utlimate Online Customer Service Guide.

Congrats Beth – hope you enjoy the read!

Click on beth wins to hear!

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