Show #28 with Jeff Terrell of

Our show #28 aired on August 8, 2011 and featured a pre-recorded interview with Jeff Terrell the Director of Seller Engagement on eBay. Most of us know Jeff well from his work on the recent eBay On Location events!

We really enjoyed Jeff telling us more of the history and future plans for eBay and very much appreciated his work in digging up some answers to questions our listeners put to him on the Friday we recorded the interview.  Jeff came back via email on Saturday with our answers. Here are his answers:

Thanks for the interview yesterday. I got the answers to the questions your listeners had…

1. After we extend the title limit to 80 characters, Google will truncate titles down to their limit of 70 characters. However, the 70 character limit for Google is not a hard and fast rule with them, so there may be some variation in how the titles appear there.

2. Saul asked about how to get his links in the “sponsored links” on the search pages. Those links are served by Google. We used to manage it internally through AdCommerce initiative, but Google now manages those ads.


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