eCom Connections, Monday, June 11, 2012 Norb & Marie Novacin & Sandy Salz-Johnson

Join us tomorrow at 1:00PM EST to talk with Sandy Salz-Johnson about the various Multi-Channel Selling options out there and hear from Norb & Marie Novocin, Authors of ‘Getting Sold On eBay.’

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Bring your questions and bring it on – you know we love a challenge!

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No Show Tomorrow

No Show Tomorrow!  We will miss you – please use the time to move your business forward.

Unexpected doctor’s appointment that can’t be moved, very sorry for the late notice.


See you next week with a DOUBLE episode!  We’ll have Norb & Marie Novocin, authors of ‘Getting Sold on EBay – The Treasure Hunters’ Guide to Making Money’


Sandy Salz-Johnson joins us to share with us all the research she has put into exploring the various Programs & Solutions for Multi-Channel Selling

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