ECC Radio February 20, 2012 – Shiran Kleidman 3D Sellers & Steven Aldrich of Outright


Join us tomorrow for 2 exciting interviews.

 1st is Shiran Kleiderman of 3D sellers, a  new company (started in June 2010) creating tons of fantastic Apps for  eBay Sellers. 3DSellers also has an App for Wanna be Amazon sellers called  ‘Export Your  Store’.

3D SellersWe are also privileged to speak with Steven  Aldrich, CEO of Outright tomorrow to get an update about CHANGES to the new 1099Ks just announced.and W


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ECC Radio Let’s Talk Sales Tax with Steven Aldrich of Outright and Keith Yorkey

Our first guest tomorrow is our Keith Yockey. Keith has been in internet sales since 1997 and currently operates two websites; The Dumb Dog and XCergy where he sells Puppy Dog supplies and more. Keith has been on eBay since 2003 and Amazon since 2005.
We are interviewing Keith as the owner of the Facebook group Stop Sales Tax Fees Now, where he posts about all issues regarding Sales Tax. We will be asking Keith about his group and his views about the recent discussions surrounding sales tax on internet sales.


Our next interview will be with Steven Aldrich, CEO of Outright, and getting his help in understanding the pending legislation, what small eCommerce sellers need to be doing now, and how we can get involved to shape the future of Internet Sales.
We also have scheduled call -ins tomorrow from Eric Nash of to tell us about their newest guide – help in understanding the recent Postal rate changes and Chris Taylor to announce a NEW and FREE Version of the PageMage Software!

Outright FREE Plan announced

Today Karen & I were privileged to interview the new CEO of (Accountingn Software for Small Business), Steve Aldrich. Follow Steve on Twitter.

Listen to the Interview TS-543976


Outright’s new announcement – they are now going to have both a FREE and a PAID version!

The current level of Outright account that current customers are using is being re-labeled as ‘Outright Plus’ and will continue to cost $9.95 per month.

New customers will sign up for the basic Outright plan, which will not include all the options available in the paid plan.

New customers will, however, have access to the Tax Functionality of the paid plan for the 2011 tax year. This is a bonus for those new users.

The basic service is intended for smaller, casual sellers, who don’t need all the functionality of the current Outright product. The new, Outright Plus product will include these three upgraded items that will not be in the free version:

  1. Tax functionality
  2. Unlimited history and reports
  3. Bonus support options
If you are currently using the paid version of Outright and think you belong on the free version, please contact Outright support.

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