Show 23 Photography Tips with Cindy Shebley & Canada Post Strike News

Product Photography Tips from Cindy Shebley of Web Seller’s Circle and Canada Post Strike Updates

Phaedra Stockstill on ECC Radio Monday!

Phaedra Stockstill We are so pleased to have as our guest this coming Monday (February 28th, 2011) Phaedra Stockstill, of South Lousisiana eCommerce (or SLA-eCommerce) to help us pull together all of the wonderful information we’ve gathered this month about ‘Getting Found Online’

Phaedra wears many many hats as an eCommerce maven. She is the CEO of SLA-eCommerce, co-founder of the Bonanza Boardroom education site and successful podcastBonanza Boardroom she partners with her husband Jeremy to run Wholesale Incense Sticks, brand new Social Media Director at the Web Seller’s Circle, and keynote speaker at the upcoming eCommerce event ‘Bonanza Up 2011′.

Keeping up with Phaedra online would be a full-time endeavor!  You can connect with Phaedra for more information on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIN.

Be sure to tune in this Monday to learn how to set up all the wonderful Social Media sites we’ve learned about this month with a PLAN and to organize yourself to accomplish big things without spending 24/7 online!

Web Seller's Circle


Cindy Shebley of Web Seller’s Circle on Facebook for Business

Cindy ShebleyFantastic interview today with Cindy Shebley of Clovercitysells about getting your business found on Facebook!

Clover City SellsCindy is a eBay Certified Business Consultant, Education Specialist and author who teaches throughout the Northwest. Cindy’s eBay career started in the late 1990′s as a way to liquidate inventory from her “bricks and mortar” store. Today Cindy is an eBay PowerSeller who sells photography, video equipment and supplies for eBay sellers.

As an eBay Certified Business Consultant, Cindy helps clients grow their businesses and teaches them the marketing techniques needed to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. An author of several books on eBay including “Easy Auction Photography”, “How To Squidoo”, and “Five Steps To Success: Growing your Online Business and Increasing Your Profits,”

Cindy had fantastic information about why you need a Facebook page, how to use your Facebook Fan (Business) Page and especially hints and tips for standing out on Facebook and getting your business found!

Be sure and listen with a pencil for your notes!

You can find Cindy on Facebook, At the Web Seller’s Circle, or on eBay!

Web Seller’s Circle

What is Web Seller Circle?

Web Sellers circle is a members only mentoring and informational site for ecommerce sellers. The site includes wonderful video classes and webinars on a wide variety of topics to help you move your business forward. Whether you want to learn how to use Photoshop elements or Build your own simple wordpress ecommerce site there is a tutorial for it.

Cindy and Dany are experienced ecommerce sellers and provide you access to the information you need to grow your business. They participate in an active forum where members can discuss any and all aspects of ecommerce and get advice from others who have been there.

Check out Web sellers Circle today.

Dany Byrne and Setting Your Prices For Profit

Dany Byrne

Dany Byrne has been self-employed for the last twenty years – both as a solo-preneur and as a small business owner. She melds her personal beliefs with her business, so that she can be proud of what she does and how she does it.
Ghost Leg mediaDany has always loved books and movies and – with the desktop publishing revolution – now combines the two in her work with Ghost Leg Media. They produce how to books and videos for small businesses and online sellers.

Dany has a passion for helping small business owners understand the bottom line for their  businesses and writes a must-read blog at Information Sells .

Web Sellers Circle

Dany is also a partner with Cindy Shebley at the eCommerce Education Site Web Sellers’ Circle.

She also maintains a computer consulting service at D. Byrne Associates. D Byrne and Associates

Phaedra Stockstill Joins Web Sellers Circle as new social media director

Phaedra Stockstill, CEO of SLA-eCommerce joins Cindy Shebley and Dany Byrne as their new Director of Social Media for Web Sellers Circle.

Web Sellers Circle is a membership site for small business entrepreneurs, eCommerce sellers, and internet marketers. The site boasts lots of quality information, how to videos and an active forum of professionals sharing ideas.

We at eCom Connections had the pleasure of doing a quick interview with Web Sellers Circle representatives Dany and Cindy as well as Phaedra, discussing the new position and their plans going forward for the future.

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